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070. i can hold my pee for a really long time and sometimes i don’t realize i need to pee until my kidneys start hurting.

069. it’s hard for me to not take things personally.

068. i almost always walk faster than strictly necessary

13 Feb  0

067. i’m an emotional masochist

066. i can find a way to make myself guilty in almost any/every situation

065. i grind my teeth.

25 Jan  0

064. stocks fascinate me

063. i have a biting fetish

062. my biggest fear for college is that my friends are going to forget about me

27 Aug  2

061. whenever something reminds me of a song, i sing that song

26 Aug  0

060. i can’t go a day without a diet coke

25 Aug  0

059. i feel like if i stuck with dancing i could’ve been a good dancer

24 Aug  2

058. i wear glasses and don’t plan on getting contacts because i think glasses make me look better

24 Aug  0

057. i don’t care that i don’t have a smart phone

23 Aug  0

056. i eat strategically. the first bites are always the worst but then i make sure that the last bite is a perfect ratio of deliciousness.